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Hi all!  I am attempting to translate some of my training in Rise to Spanish and Bosnian.  I see where I can download the file to an XLFF file, but am unable to find an App or program that can use that type of file.  Google Translate was my first go-to, but it can't work with that file type.  Does anybody have a reliable program that can either use that file type or one that can transfer an XLFF file to a different file type that can be used in Google Translate?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dale!

An XLIFF file isn't human-readable, so you'll want to use a translation tool specifically for XLIFF files to translate your course. Once an XLIFF file is translated, it should contain text in both the original language and the target language. 

Lots of folks in the community have had success with a free tool called SmartCat, so you may want to give that one a try! 

Balazs Kiss

Dear Alyssa and All,

I tried quite many XLIFF editors including the SmartCat recommended here. They do not work properly. Or maybe the problem is with my expectation, but I thought this feature could apply the same formatting on the translation as the source text has. It is apparently not like that. When I open the XLIFF file exported from RISE, it either does not import the formatting at all, or there is a warning about unreadable tags, or, in the best case, the tags are there at the source file, however, the translation fields are empty, and when you export your translation file, the translation text will be unformatted, even spaces (between words) are trimmed.

Is there a way (application) to automatically apply text formatting on the translated text? If I have to redo all formatting, I do not really see the benefit of this feature, I can just go into the copy of my English course and change the paragraph texts manually...


Thank you!

Kind regards,