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Alyssa Gomez

Good news, everyone! We've just released a new feature that allows you to turn off the cover page when you publish for LMS to improve compatibility, streamline training, and get learners into content faster. Give it a try, and let us know if you have any questions about it!

Note: You can't hide the cover page for training created from Next Big Idea Club content templates.

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Rethink Compliance

Hi, Alyssa. Thanks for the response! I looked at Ashley's Peek video, and that works well for reviewing a course, but how would that work with exporting and putting the course on a website or LMS?

When I open the exported Index.HTML file, it takes me to the main menu page. I don't see a way to export the course without that main menu page.

Cory Warshawsky

Optionally, you may be able to use your LMS to direct learner to a URL link rather than the scorm package. That would allow you to skip the landing page using the methods described above.

However, you'd loose all tracking capabilities that come with scorm/tincan/etc. 

  • Perhaps no completion data, or you LMS may allow you to provide course credit by simply clicking the link. You'd have no idea if the learner actually took the whole course. A work around here might be to use a scorm packaged quiz with questions written in a difficult manner so that the learner MUST take the course in order to answer them correctly. 
  • You learner would need to take the entire course from start to finish each time, rather than picking back up where they left off. This is a great aspect of storyline 360. I feel like Rise always starts the learner at the beginning, but if you have navigation restricted - it may allow returning to a course and skipping completed lesson.

Food for thought! 

Kate Rash

Ashley's video is helpful, but is there a way to accomplish this (completing removing the entire Start page) if our method is exporting a Tin Can format? (We want to use the Tin Can format so that we can pass a learner's quiz answers and score back into our LMS.) I don't think this is possible if we go with the link method as shown in Ashley's example. Thanks much!

Zsolt Olah

To skip the front page and go straight to the first lesson, try this:

add this code in the index.html at the bottom before the </body> tag after exporting the Rise content.

window.onload = function() {

if(window.location.href.indexOf("lessons") == -1) {
window.location.href = "#/lessons/1iSUIcTB6jep5DMQXmMLW7kNEzVOmzsD";

Replace the "#/lessons/1iSUIcTB6jep5DMQXmMLW7kNEzVOmzsD" part with your URL to the lesson you want to go. 

Chris Curry

Alternatively, you could do this:

  1. Launch "index.html" located in the "scormcontent" folder of your exported course
  2. Click the "Start Course" button
  3. Navigate to the lesson you want the course to start on. I'm just using the first lesson.
  4. Copy the part of the url AFTER "index.html#" 
  5. Then open "indexAPI.html" located in the "scormdriver" folder
  6. Modify the line with your desired lesson ID as seen below:

    to this:
  7. Re-zip the file and it should launch straight into whatever lesson you wanted.

Note: This was from a Rise course Exported for SCORM 2004, 4th Edition. I don't know how much it will change with other export types, but I imagine not too much.


What I would like to know, is if there is a place where we can just grab those lesson IDs without launching the course. This process could be automated if we could easily find them. I'm assuming that Articulate has it coded to generate the lesson ID randomly (based on their own specifications) the first time the lesson is launched. Then that lesson ID is saved somewhere.

Justin Hughes

Hey Alyssa, thank you for posting Ashley's video. It was helpful. However, now the progress bar indicates that the learner is starting mid-course due to skipping the start page. Is there a more recent solution to skipping the start page that I am not seeing? Or is there a way to hide the progress bar?



Paula Warrington

I've come across an unexpected issue today: one of my learners missed important introductory material because they hit the big "start course" without noticing there was text further down the landing page. I've considered removing the button - but with restricted navigation on, will learners be able to navigate to the first unit? (I also considered moving the text to an introductory unit, but then Rise labels my first content lesson - Unit 1 - as "unit 2 of X". Confusing!) Has anyone else come across this issue? Thank you!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Paula. Could you change the label on the DETAILS button to call attention to your introduction text?

Restricted navigation will require that learners complete lessons in order. Removing the START COURSE button isn't officially supported, but I wouldn't expect it to hinder navigating to the first lesson using the course outline.