Restore this Version

Jun 03, 2022

I am hoping to get an answer to the following:

When in review 360, if you select Restore this Version, do the comments from this version remain as part of this newest/lastest version? I am of the understanding that when you select restore this version, all of the later versions are deleted, but the previous versions remain accessible. I just am not sure if the comments are displayed as well. 

Trying to decide: Do I keep the latest version without comments and copy over the comments manually from a previous version, (not pleasant or easy to explain) or if I can simply Restore to this Version and the comments will remain in tact? If the comments don't display along with the content, I might as well keep what I have and begin to copy/explain to client. 

I accidentally copied over this course, as the wrong title was in the pulldown when I hit republish. I then republished to an older version with the correct title, but the comments did not copy over with the content. So I am not sure if it's worth going back a version if the comments from that version don't display.

Thank you in advance for any insight/info you can share. 

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