Review comments disappearing after re-publishing

I'm having a bad tech day lol

I have an SME reviewing two Rises courses today and I received the first few comments he made in Review. I replied to his comments and made an edit. I then re-published. When I went back into Review, his comments and my replies were missing. Earlier comments are still there including older resolved ones and still active ones.

I can roll back to an earlier version and see the comments there.

I have re-started, re-booted, etc.

Help please...

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Andreas Kuswara

What is it supposed to be? I have just completed a review cycle, I have made edits to the course, but some comments are not yet resolved and need further discussion. If I republish the course, will I lose the comments from the previous? or I can see the comment against the newly published version? a review/revision meeting is coming up. 

Alyssa Gomez

Good question, Andreas!

Are you the original owner of the Rise 360 course?

If so, when you publish a new version of an existing item, a new version is created in Review 360 so you can keep track of revision history. To see an older version of a project, open it in Review 360, click the Version drop-down list in the upper left corner of the screen, and select a version number.

Comments roll forward with each new version, so you’ll see comments for the version you selected and all versions before it. To see the latest comments, switch to the current version of the project.

Andreas Kuswara

Hi Alyssa,

I think it’s not the case.
I publish a new version, but this doesn’t stack up with the last review and has no feedback.

PS I rename the course, will that cause a problem? 

If I follow the link I provided to the reviewer, and I can still open the old review (published 13 days ago) with the comments.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Andreas!

As the course manager, things work a little differently.

When a course manager publishes a Rise 360 course to Review 360, the published content appears on the course owner's Review 360 dashboard. 

Also, course managers cannot overwrite/publish a new version of an existing item on the course owner's dashboard. Course managers can only publish a completely new item. This will appear as a separate content item on the course owner's dashboard, and it will not contain the comments from previously published versions.