Rise 360 Server Connection Timed Out: Lost Work

Quote from Articulate Support:

After careful investigation... I would recommend not leaving your Rise 360 course idle for long periods of time to avoid the risk of changes not being saved or a possible corruption to the course. ...refresh your browser before making any further changes to make sure you don't overwrite anything that has been done by the other collaborator(s).

I'll be closing this case [#02946735], but we'll continue to monitor these kinds of reports to further narrow down the cause and be able to come up with a fix or solution.

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Loren Rothmann

Over the past year have noticed the server connection to Rise and Review time out when left open in Chrome.  These are the indicators:

  • Review doesn't force an update automatically when an update is published in Rise. The version history is not updated.
  • Rise loses information when the content manager leaves the course open and the course owner makes a change, or vice versa.

Since we published to Review, we were able to restore three versions that were lost in Rise.

Loren Rothmann

Not sure when the time-out occurs, but I am installing a Chrome extension/add-on called Tab Wrangler that will close idle tabs. I'm going to start by setting it to close tabs idle longer than 60 minutes.

Maybe Articulate could create a timeout feature? Also would be good to see a "Saved" confirmation at the top of the app.