Rise - adding popup text box

Feb 06, 2018

Is there a feature in Rise to add a popup text box? I would like the ability to click on text to provide further information to users. Does Rise have that capability? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Gail!  Could you use one of the existing interactive blocks for this idea?  Here's an example with the accordion interaction.  I only used one accordion "tab" to offer basic information in the title.  More information is revealed when they click the text.

Here's a Peek of how that interaction works for a user.

Talent Development

Yes, and I have used it for other things. The issue I am having is I have terms in my content (text blocks) that we want to add definitions to; so if someone doesn't know what the term means while they are taking the training, they can hover over or click on the word and get the definition. 

Adarsh Char

I'd like to chime in with a request for this. Currently, I make text appear as if it is a link but then include a Note block nearby and highlight the term. The problem is that it is abrupt and disturbs the flow of the content. It would be ideal to have a rollover pop up that appears only when the user hovers over marked text. (Pls see attachment)

Adarsh Char

Generally I agree Anthony. But I've seen it done well. For instance, You can compare the pop over I posted earlier and the same pop over viewed on mobile, attached here. For me, its really more about provide students with contextual information that would otherwise be distracting if I sent them to a new tab or didn't provide any of that contextual information at all. 

It's not too different from the feature that's baked into most mobile browsers that allow you to deep touch a word and select "Look Up" to view a definition without leaving the page. 

Adarsh Char

Celeste, I'm sorry I think I may have been unclear. I was posting an example of what I would like to see in Rise. The image I posted was from an existing site that included popover text that I was hoping could be replicated in Rise. I don't currently have a solution for popovers in Rise. 

Currently, I change the text color and underline it and then add a Note block near the highlighted text.

Ned Whiteley

An interim solution, provided you don't have pages and pages of text to work through, is to use Storyline to build up your pop-up definitions and then use Storyline blocks in your Rise course.

Here is an example with SL file attached. Each selected word has a filled rectangle over the top of it, set to maximum transparency and a new layer with the definition and a yellow underline for the word appears when the user hovers over the associated rectangle.

David Tait

Hi Ned, it's a solution that works for desktop devices but for me the issue would be when viewed on a mobile device. I would have to click a play button to be able to view the Storyline block in the first place which unfortunately wouldn't work for me in the majority of cases.

Maybe if we can't have popups in Rise we could hijack the flip card functionality. It would be handy to be able to click some hyperlinked text to reveal a card. This would be ideal for glossary terms and definitions.