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Thalia Galloway

Thanks Chino - I think this is now overlapping with another case and lovely Shiela has revealed "the SCORMdriver was updated from 5.1.1 to 7.7.0 but there were some issues with tracking and blank pages in some LMSs which Articulate fixed on April 29, 2021". As the examples I've given pre-date that repair, I think it must be related!

p.s. our learners should not be force closing their browser (using the apple swipe up system) - does this prevent a result recording (I suspect so)?

Jewels Dymond

Could you make an EXIT course button that runs in RISE without publishing it to a LMS. My clients just want to run it from RISE and NEED an EXIT button with each lesson. I have created a BUTTON, and set it to EXIT course but it says LMS ONLY. So the EXIT button doesn't work in RISE. It's frustrating.

I can't even SET the button to RESET the course back to the homepage, which would be a better SECOND option to exiting. The Best I CAN do is set it to start at LESSON ONE. That would be the highest up you can go and closest to resetting to the home page. But it doesn't make sense and will confuse the learners.

My failed efforts to create a functioning EXIT button is not making the SIM work very well. 

And I agree with the comment above - it would be nice if you didn't use a light gray for text, darken it a little. Being inclusive means take into account that grey text excludes users from seeing the editing function buttons.


Jewels Dymond

I think I figured out a way - I created an extra lesson and named it Goodbye - and it just says thank you for participating in this course - Good-bye

So anyone with this problem can try that. You can't add an EXIT and actually have it close it, or even do anything with the scoring as that's part of it, but without that you can at least create a pretend EXIT.



I've enabled the EXIT COURSE, yet after going through the course, I cannot click it. It's all grayed out. When I click X on window, and I check or LMS, this pops up - "Cannot properly save the result due to network issues." But my connection is stable. Is there any minimum requirement for MBPS?

I tried the ones above - adding a lesson, adding a block for the button etc. but it still does not work. I still couldn't click the EXIT COURSE button.