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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Loretta!

The Shared with me and All courses folders will always display all the courses in those categories even after you sort them into another folder. 

We have a feature request for improvements with Rise 360 folders. I'm going to add your experience to that documentation. We can update you here with any changes!

Daniel Amos

Yes please! I lead a team of designers that work in Rise lessons for a large curriculum. We struggle when trying to ensure that all Rise lessons associated with a class are in the appropriate folder. Currently, this means either having a list of the lessons or having Rise pulled up in two windows and having to verify them by comparing the All Courses folder to the specific folder to the class. Having traditional folders and the ability to assign a collaborator or author to the entire folder at once would be huge for us.

Miranda Boswell

I would like to tag on that it would be great to be able to create sub folders and to change your default view. Opening up to all courses is annoying if you have hundreds. An example is that I go into a folder to pull up a project. I work on it and then go back to pull the next one from that folder but I am back in all courses and I have to go to access the folder I was just in. It would also be great to have an archive folder for all of our previous projects that are done but you want to be able to access at a later date if needed. Lastly, a search function. Being able to narrow down your search when trying to find a previous project would be extremely helpful. 

Amy Mollett

I have to completely agree with Miranda.  It is overwhelming and messy when you have to see every single module you have worked on staring you in the face.  Working for a large healthcare organization means I have numerous subgroups: clinical nursing, clinical physician, clinical hospital setting, clinical non-hospital setting, regulatory, compliance, non clinical, etc.  Sometimes I have people reach out about very speciic questions regarding a module and a search bar would be most helpful to finding modules quickly as well.  I am looking forward to having you make this modification.