RISE course package not loading into (Absorb) LMS

Howdy all: 

I have a quick-n-dirty course I'm trying to load in my org's LMS (Absorb), and I keep getting an error message that prompts me to check the publish settings.  I've done that--as I've done for several other RISE courses before--and don't see any issues.  I loaded the package onto SCORMCloud and it worked just fine there.  Any thoughts on next steps?

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Renz Sevilla

HI Micah!

Thanks for sharing your details of what you've already tested. This time, could you please try in SCORM Cloud, with debugging enabled and test your course?

If it works properly in SCORM Cloud you can share that with your LMS admin and they can review the debug log. If you continue to have error messages, please share those with your LMS admin and they should be able to help resolve them.