Rise: Default Font Size

In a course we are building, we are required to have a minimum font size of 18 for accessibility purposes.  Is there any way to set the default font size (not just default font)? What happens is even if we save templates with content at 18 pt, as soon as we paste (whether we use paste, paste special, or paste and match formatting) it always resorts to a 17 pt font.  This is very frustrating and can be time consuming for longer courses.  Any insight you can provide would be great! 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Daniel. Would you like to see a default font size for all blocks that include text, or mainly for text and list blocks? Certain blocks, like quotes and process interactions, for example, include text but are formatted with larger and smaller font sizes by design.

In the meantime, could you use block templates to speed up adding frequently used blocks with the format you need?

Mata Henry

Hello, I am in favour of being able to customise font sizes - set a font size library.

At the moment, numbered lists in tables are only one size. So if like us, the default is 20pt, the numbering looks too small - see scrab attached.

Thank you