Rise - Different width for the "container" element

Dec 07, 2017


talking about a random Rise page (overview or just publish mode) - could I have a wider space for the actual content? 

At the moment the centered content of any Rise course on Desktop version has a certain width, could be the case that this specific max-width is a bit too narrow?

Is there any solution to that?


Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Backbase.  Tell me a little bit more about the experience of viewing Rise courses.  Are you or your learners using larger displays to view your courses?

Rise is designed to display according to the device and browser dimensions.  It uses "breakpoints," meaning that at certain dimensions, the size and placement of the content changes.  Currently, the breakpoints are designed around dimension ranges for desktop, tablet and mobile phones.  For the content that is centered and not full width, the containers adhere to those breakpoints.

In your case, it seems like you might be interested in having an extra-large break point range to accommodate larger screens so that your content can scale up one more time and take advantage of screen space.

Let me know if that sounds right!  I can help submit a feature request to grow your content for extra large displays.

Backbase Academy

Hi Crystal,

yes, indeed, we wish to have the "x-large" breakpoint.

Screens wider than 1024 are largely used, even more in working environments. A breakpoint to screens wider than "around 1200px" it's already becoming a responsive-web standard, so - maybe - could be a good idea anyway :)

Another option could be to add blocks to the sidebars of the page, in this case, the right sidebar could be an extra-tips feature! But would probably become much more complicated, because on smaller breakpoints management will be much more complicated. 

Let us know!

Thank you very much, and best regards,