Rise - text no longer automatically adjusts when pasted from Word to Rise

Mar 08, 2022

We are currently in the process of converting our resources into Rise. We copy and paste from Word docs into all types of Rise blocks. Up until now Rise automatically changed the font, size and spacing to match our Rise template settings.

But not today. Seems Rise has had some updates overnight. Now we have to highlight and Clear formatting for every single line, paragraph, heading, interactive we copy across. While it sounds like not much more work, when you are doing hundreds of pages for over a hundred documents, it adds up. 

I'm wondering why this feature has been removed?

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Karl Muller

Hi Julie,

It seems that Articulate has updated the text editor in Rise, and it functions somewhat differently.

When you are copying and pasting from Word, if you are using the Chrome browser, right-click and choose to Paste as plain text.

When I do that, it pastes the text copied from Word matching the text attributes of the destination Rise block.