Sharing folder in Rise


Is it possible for Rise users to share folders? We have a mid-sized team of developers and we would like to store final files in a shared folder structure (for maintenance and translation purposes). Is this possible?

I know you can add collaborators, but can you share folders with a specific group of people like you would share a google folder?


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Tim Oberlin

Adding my team's vote to this feature. We need scalable sharing with other users. 

We have ~35 rise licenses and use Rise to create daily lessons for online students. Each semester has about 75-100 lessons and we have 196 semesters of content. That comes out to 14,700-19,600 lessons spread out over 35 accounts (~560 Rise courses per account). 

The trick is that our SMEs collaborate on courses and check each other's work. We also have editors and graphic designers to edit content. Sharing individual lessons, even through the Share functionality, is a huge time sink for us. Between sorting, tracking, and sharing, it takes hours to share Rise content with the 2-5 users that edit the content before it goes live. 

Diane Ries

Adding my team to this vote as well! In addition to the sharing of folders we would like to see better archiving and version controls. The version controls could be as easy as allowing you to save the course with version number and not publish that part of the title upon publish; like when you publish from storyline. 

Rodrigo Filipe

Dear all,

I would like to express the same need in my team. We have just managed to increase the size of our Articulate team from 8 to 18 subscriptions and I'm training the new folks on using Rise and Storyline. The need to share Rise projects to the whole team is fundamental for us. We are now preparing to have our materials translated in all 24 EU languages so you can imagine the effort to share each project with 18 colleagues and the mess i can create that everyone has their own folder structure.

Please prioritise the request to add a feature with shared folders for the whole team or a few team members. 

It would also be useful to be able to select from a drop down the members of my team instead of having to type their full email address every time.



Julie Kleen

Adding my voice! We recently upgraded to 360 Teams, and a shared folder would be amazing. As the others have stated, if someone is ill or unavailable we want the other team members to be able to make updates and publish. Currently we are adding multiple people to each final rise course. Especially for a new hire - you could just add them to the folder, instead of having to go into each course. Another thought related to this would be the ability to create groups so you could add multiple collaborators at once. 

Brandon Tanguay

I found a great solution to sharing Storyline files! Google Drive. Not only am I able to use Google Drive to store, but there is an extension that allows you to open the drive files from your desktop without having to download them and then re-upload!

The feature is called Google Drive File Stream. Just started using it, but it seems to be working well!

Frederick Bergeron

Saw that post and was super happy to read that the Rise team was working on that process.. then  Isaw this request had been made about a year ago... 

SO, I want to add my voice to the people that would REALLY love to have this function. We are 15 Designer in my team, and currently it's a real pain to share files. If we could only assigned the share to specific folder and all files move to that folder would be share instantly that would be amazing!