Show Quiz Feedback Without Showing Correct Answers

Oct 10, 2019

I just wanted to create a request to enable Rise users to show feedback on quiz questions without having to show the correct answers. 

I've just had to let a client know that this wasn't possible (and I hate to disappoint!). I know this issue is going to come up again for me in the future and it would be great if Articulate added this enhancement to Rise.

I submitted a feature request for this here. If this is something you would also like to see added to Rise, please consider submitting a feature request too.


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Chris Hewitt

This would be incredibly useful as we could direct users to our procedures manuals without showing them the correct answer. This would stop the resit simply being a memory test of what they got wrong before. Giving some information on correct answers would also be of use. This can't be that difficult to toggle in the coding? I'm not the only one asking so please listen to your users; this would be a great change.

Stuart Johnston

Adding another vote for this - please add this feature!

Not having this feature is causing a significant resource drain on our organisation as we are constantly supporting students through the learning or dealing with complaints and feedback about the terrible user experience which is created because users have to re-take quizzes without knowing which questions they answered incorrectly, which is causing them to second-guess even for questions they answered correctly.  We have hundreds of users per week using our Rise courses.  This feature is imperative.

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