Tracking Status in LMS (ELM PeopleSoft) stuck at "In-Progress"

Feb 04, 2021

My course in Rise 360 exports beautifully into our LMS using SCORM 1.2, however I cannot get the course status to read "Complete"  it says "In-Progress" ... what am I missing?

Export type is set to LMS, SCORM 1.2

Tracking is set to "Track using course Completion"

reporting is set to "complete/Incomplete"

what am I doing wrong? 

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Premier Inc

Same issue. Completion depends on passing the quiz (requires 80%). Should limit attempts at 2 but it doesn't. So even if the user fails twice, they have the option to try again instead of marking the course as "incomplete" --- it just stays at in progress (LMS is Workday).