Translated Rise XLIFF file do not translate question bank - High Priority help needed

Aug 19, 2022

Dear Rise team,

I am facing a problem in implementing translated xliff file to a rise course. All translated content looks fine except Question bank.

Do you have any process to do so? I have created a copy of Rise file and created a xliff out of that for translation. But the Rise question bank remain one. When i import the translated xliff file the question bank text remain in English only.

Could you guide me if i am doing any mistake?

Best regards,




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Arjan Stolk

I face the same problem. In the XLF file from the course there is no question bank included and in the question bank itself it is not possible to export an XLF file.

We now have to translate the questions one by one incl answers. When we can export the questionbank itself to a XLF file it is a sollution. Then there is only a small update needed in the course (add a draw from a translated question bank).