Undo option?

Mar 28, 2017

I don't know if I missed it, but if there isn't one already, Rise really needs an "undo" option. I just accidentally deleted text from a course I was reviewing and it took forever to find the original text to restore it. A simple undo option would have saved a lot of time. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Blanca,

Oh no! I know what a pain accidentally deleting something can be, and I'm sorry you had to spend so much time finding the original text. In our January update, we added an "Undo" feature in Rise that'll allow you to undo deleted blocks to get them back, but it sounds like you deleted text within a block or lesson, correct?

That sounds like an excellent feature request, and I'd be happy to pass it along to the team for you. And in the mean time, if you're someone who is going to be working fast and furious through Rise, perhaps a good method would be to create a duplicate copy of the entire course, and that way you'd at least have the content accessible to you if you needed to start over? 

Blanca Sermak

I finally saw the undo option, but thank you for writing back. Maybe pass along that the undo feature is really difficult to see. It's in light gray at the bottom left of the screen. If I hadn't happened to glance down, I wouldn't have caught it (and because I'm an idiot, I never remember the shortcut for undoing stuff).

Also, can you ask they make the quote features less rigid? I wanted to use the "carousel" quote feature as another way to present a series of information but I couldn't because I couldn't delete the quotes and dash.

Also, if they could make it so that we can drag to adjust an image once we place it somewhere in the course, that would be SUPER helpful.

ALSO, if they could make the timeline/labeled graphic/sorting activity interactions a part of the blocks, that would be cool. Or at least allow us to add more content to the stand-alone interactions.



Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Blanca! We always love to see and hear more ideas on ways in which we can look at improving Rise, so these are all good things to share. You can always share your ideas here in the ELH forums, and you also have the option to send them along to our Product team in the form of a feature request. Thanks for being a part of this community!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ian,

So sorry to hear you lost your flashcards--I know that had to have caused you headaches. I recorded a short video using Peek which demonstrates what you might have done when you accidentally deleted all of the flashcards, and how you can delete just one flashcard instead. I hope this is helpful! :)

Laura Giacchino

I've done the same thing, wishing there was an undo!  I will have to make a change to see if I can find the hidden undo button!

I have also found the quotes to be a problem.  Flexibility to put the quotes in where appropriate would be great.   I put a sentence before the quote and it forces the text into the quote, there would be too much space to add a separate block.  I ended up having to setup at the end of my comment and at the beginning of the actual comment (which are not the same fonts)

 By the way, it would be great option to put the person's name under the photo and make their name a larger font.  

All in all, more control with text alignment and font size through the application would be great.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Avril,

We're working on a feature to allow for the labelled graphic lesson as a block, and a few of the other lesson types as blocks as well. We'll keep folks posted here in ELH in regards to the development timeline on that! 

The Undo option appears once you delete a section or lesson in Rise. Here's a quick Peek recording of how to see that functionality. 

Michael Hales

In this string Blanca comments that it is hard to see the Undo feature.  I want to suggest that the new color scheme used in Articulate products (light Gray) is difficult for anyone to see especially those with less than perfect vision or older (both in my case).  Perhaps an overall option to change the view color so it's more vivid.

Daniel O'Keefe

Hi Alyssa,

Are you sure about this? I actually feel like this used to work (otherwise how could I have actually made several courses...). This was probably 3 months ago, when you posted. But now...it does NOT. Highly frustrating. I have completely normal key bindings and command/ctl-z works for every other editor that I use. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey everyone,

The Command/Control + Z shortcut is a function of the browser, not Rise itself. From my own testing, I'm getting inconsistent results depending on the browser. 

I'm really sorry this has been a pain point, and I appreciate you sharing that the Undo feature isn't living up to your expectations. I'm going to share all of this feedback with my team.


Scott Durham

I am going crazy over this!!! please fix this. It's a BASIC function that should be standard. I also don't understand why you can't edit the text color. If I want to change the "block box" to a dark color, I have no option to make the text white. This is limits me... I know rise is "non-designer" proof... so keeping things simple is important! BUT for designers this is very frustrating.