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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Karina!

When you exported the XLIFF file, did you de-select the Include HTML Formatting option?

If so, this exports your content in easy to translate blocks of text. However, it doesn’t contain the coding necessary to maintain any formatting you’ve applied to that content.

If that's not exactly what you're seeing, let me know! Including screenshots with your reply would be helpful, too.

Sadie Voet

Hi Alyssa, 

Thank you for the quick response. When exporting the XLIFF file, I did not de-select the Include HTML Formatting option. 

I sent the XLIFF to a translation agency and when I reuploaded the translated file into the module platform, it has formatted the Arabic text in an incorrect way, according to an Arabic speaker. 

How the text appears once it was uploaded: 

And according to a native speaker, this is what the text should look like: 

Is there a way to change the formatting in RISE to work with Arabic text formatting?


Thank you for the help.  



Darla Yancho

We need to translate to Arabic as well. When is the language interface due out? Also, could we create the text in Storyline and make it a block? I realize that without the interface thought that the formatting, menu, numbers etc won't be correct though.

I hope there is a good answer to solve this asap!!!

Darla Yancho

It has been in Storyline before but the responsiveness for the variety of platforms is what we really need for a global team not working from offices but needs access to content in their own language wherever they are. I've done the block and that seems to work. I really do hope that the interface gets done soon for the left to right languages like Hebrew and Arabic. If you need a use case to push this forward faster, just let me know!! ;)


Talal Parvaiz

Hi all. I've come up with a fix. This will NOT WORK if your course is actually hosted on Rise. If you export your course either as SCORM or Web then this should work. Also note that you wont be able to see the result of this fix while authoring but my colleagues have very comfortably gotten used to the workflow.

Here it is: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/how-to-format-your-rise-360-course-for-arabic