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Swapnil Jagtap

Hi Crystal,

I cant use the attachment block, the HTML file is having some supported other files (examples jquery, js) are link to this html file. Also, i dont want to create any zip file. Reason being, that the html file which i have created is a survey question, i just want user to open this html file and attempt the survey questions.  

If i gave them a zip file, then i will have to explain the user how to extract document and attempt the survey question. It will be a lenghty work for the user. I just want user to click on the link and the html file will direclty open. User doesnt need to download or do some extra work for the html. That was my purpose. 

Is there any other possible ways?

If not then i can put it as a tool limitations to my seniors and find some other possibilities


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Arsalan,

If the file is hosted on a web server, have you tried embedding the survey question in a URL/Embed lesson or block? This iFrame code should do the trick:

<iframe src="Insert Your URL to the HTML file here"></iframe>

If you need any help, share the URL here, and I'll point you in the right direction. 🙂

sarah stark

Hi Articulate Gurus,

I am trying to add an audio recorder by using the insert multimedia (HTML), so that learners could record their audio, play it back to listen, and download it.

Would you know how I can go by providing this option on an Articulate Rise course? 

Thank you much. I have been searching for this option for years. :(

Gavin Elliott

Being able to insert HTML/CSS/JS directly into a Rise component block would be very helpful to extend functionality - in the same way that Storyline does. I appreciate that this would have 'support' type issues where a course might break, but that shouldn't prevent people being able to add bespoke creativity.