Using the noprocess option to prevent responsive design on graphics

Sep 20, 2020

Somewhere in the user manual it says you can use a noprocess option on graphics but isnt very clear.  Anyone clarify how this is done?  Thanks 

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Marvie Mulder

Hi Sandrine!

Just want to echo what Alyssa said, adding a _NOPROCESS_ tells Rise 360 not to compress the image file. Compression reduces the file size of your image, which affects the quality of an image although it is not always noticeable. There are several factors when you notice the degradation, some examples are if your image is already small in file size, has already been significantly compressed prior to upload, or is just of poor quality to begin with. Compression doesn't change the dimensions of your image file.

Checking your image example, the _NOPROCESS_ is working as expected. If you are familiar inspecting course assets in your browser console, you'll see that the _NOPROCESS_ image you uploaded exactly have the same file size as the file in your computer. In short, we are just displaying exactly the file you uploaded. The one without, however, is smaller in file size. 

Hope this helps!