Viewing Rise Completion Percentage

I am currently creating a Rise course for a podcast series. Each episode will be in an individual Rise course, one lesson. The Audio block will always be the 2nd block in the lesson, the first being "Press play and enjoy the show!"

Following the audio block will be a variety of episode notes and other related media. While we won't gain in-depth analytics, such as if we used a podcast hosting site, the least we need is to measure the number of users that will listen to the entire audio file.

Therefore, we want to mark the course complete once the audio file has ended.

I noticed the green progress bar above will automatically advance once the audio file is complete, which is great. However, I don't know what percentage to put in the tracking field when its time to publish.

I did receive an interesting workaround where I put a SL block that includes a trigger to set course completion, however, I would need to place a continue divider and the user will need to press continue to mark complete.

The concern is that we don't want to rely on the listener to interact to mark the course complete. We want any interaction to be optional after they listen to the audio file.

Maybe I'm asking too much, but I think the easiest solution would be the ability to view the percentage that is based on the progress tracking bar.

I know rise isn't the best solution, but we love it for course content and this Educational podcast will be uploaded in our LMS, so we are trying to utlize what we already have :)

Any other suggestions? Thank you!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erin!

The completion percentage is calculated by the total number of lessons viewed. For example, if a learner has fully viewed 3 out of 4 lessons (you'll see checkmarks in the menu), the learner would be considered 75% complete.

However, this completion percentage data is not shared with the LMS. Instead, Rise 360 will only tell the LMS if the learner has met the completion requirement or not.

Let me know if you have more questions about Rise 360 LMS data! 

Erin Walker

Thank you Alyssa for your reply! I understand the percentage complete if its multiple lessons and the data that is being sent to the LMS. Because the completion requirement can be modified, I would like to modify the percentage shown when exporting the course.

So in the example you provided, one can change the completion requirement from 100% to 75% and the LMS would mark the course complete once the learner fully viewed 3 out of 4 lessons, correct?

And what would happen if there is only one lesson? My current rise course has only one lesson. But we don't want to track them viewing the entire page, just the completion of the first block. Since the progress bar (at the top of the lesson) advances, is there a way to modify the completion requirements based on that amount, e.g. 15% completion requirement? And if so, how can I find out that percentage based on the progress bar at the top of the lesson?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erin!

You are correct – the LMS would mark the course complete once the learner fully viewed 3 out of 4 lessons if the completion percentage is 75%.

Rise calculates completion based on entire lessons, not on individual blocks in a lesson. If your course has only one lesson, the completion would be either 0% or 100%. 

If you only want to track the completion of the first block, could you move that block into its own lesson?