What's the purpose of the RISE checkbox lists?

Mar 15, 2017

I can't figure out the purpose of the RISE checkbox lists. As far as I can see when the user checks one, they are selected but no other actions occurs. In my view, a user would expect an action to occur in the course related to their selection, e.g. recommendations for further investigation of the checklist point, links to that part of the RISE lesson to review, link to a Storyline interaction, etc. 

My first impression was that I would incorporate the objectives of the course into these checklists so learners could evaluate their command of the content using the checklist and be directed to where they could improve their skills/knowledge based ont heir checklist response.

Maybe I am not thinking of another useful attribute for these checklists. What do other use them for? Does it seem awkward to them that no action occurs based what the user checks? Am I missing something? Thank you.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robin,

Phil is spot on, that's exactly what I did in a course I made about packing and travel, as a self checklist for packing things I knew I need or things I wanted to remember. Here's just a screenshot of it. 

We'd love to see the other creative ways you end up using it, or ideas you've got for ways in which we can enhance the feature! 

Kristin Savko

I was just playing around with giving sets of instructions for a project in Rise. I used those check boxes so that students could check off as they go along. In the instance I'm showing, it might not seem like too big of a deal, but as the steps get longer and more complicated, I think the checklist is a nice feature. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Nice example Kristin, and thanks for sharing! Is the checklist helpful for you as it is now, or are you looking to be able to do more with us, such as track what a user has clicked off or checked? If there's other ways you'd like to see this feature working, please let us know! We love to hear more about the creative ways your using Rise. 

Kristin Savko

Actually, in the case I'm thinking right now, I'm happy with it being just a step above a bulleted or numbered list. It's truly for the learner's benefit. In fact, we currently have printed checklists of steps for different skills, and I'm thinking this could be a great way to make those lists usefully electronic (as opposed to a .pdf, which other than being paperless, is offering no additional benefits.)  With the Rise checklist, I could have "How to check blood pressure" and as students practice, they can check off the steps as they go. 

At this point, I can't think of a reason why I would want those to be tracked as they are checked off. I could see where someone in corporate training (which I'm not), might need the additional functionality, but almost more as a survey than as a check for completion?  We teach K-12...If we tracked something as complete by letting the student check a checkbox, too many students would take advantage of the system. ;)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

What, K-12 students take advantage of something, nooo....never. ;-)

But it's really good feedback to have Kristin, so I appreciate you taking the time to share your specific use case. I like it as a checkbox too and had created a course using it as a Packing/Travel ready list - again, if you forget something on the list it won't matter if you checked it off or not. 

Keep us posted on how your Rise courses go and would love to see anything that you're able to share! 

Robin Wooten

I guess Kristin and I are coming at this from different directions. If my students (K-8) are checking off things online - I would like some action to occur. For example: currently, I give them a hard-copy printed list of objectives for the unit with 2 checkboxes besides each objective. One checkbox is under the column "Know Well" and the other "Need Work" so students can assess their own understanding and determine areas they need to work on more. In switching to digital format, I would put the objectives next to the RISE content related to those objectives and would love the RISE checklist to substitute for my paper self-assessment but with ACTIONS to take right then and there. Wouldn't it be great if they checked "Need Work" and up popped recommendations/links specific to that objective? Right when students saw a need - pop - there is a way to meet that need (the likelihood they'll go back is low so this gives a slight chance they will go on to a new, fun interactive way to learn what they are still unsure about). Tracking this would be an awesome formative assessment tool as I could easily spot trends and know where my students are having difficulty either as a group or individually. 

Also - I would love to use the checklist to give my students choices regarding assignments etc. For example: would they rather show mastery by writing an explanation, making a model, putting together a video, or so on? Depending on which choice they clicked, I would love for links and/or explanations to pop up regarding the requirements etc for completing that choice of assignment. Having that as a pop up action when a checkbox is clicked keeps the overall look of the RISE content clean and minimal as opposed to having all the info there.

Or could I have a list of links I want the students to visit - after the student visits each one, the chekbox is checked off....

I am also always looking for ways to respond to my high achievers - what if I use a checklist as a way for them to signal their interest in pursuing an area further and based on that response, info, links, etc popped up??? You'd be surprised at the number of students who are interested and maybe even in which students are interested....

If I had a checklist on what careers related to my content, I could have videos or links pop up to give them further info on those careers based on their checklist responses.

Humor is a big motivator to my students - what if a snarky remark or cartoon appeared based on their checkmark?

What if another RISE block appeared as a result of a checkmark?

If there was more than one checkbox per text - I could use it as a quick survey if I could track answers. I could be immediately responsive to my students' needs!

In the digital world of e-learning including my storyline 360 modules - my students expect their actions to have a consequence and will be puzzled when nothing happens with a RISE checklist as it currently stands - it will be as if they've signaled something to me and I am not listening or do not care.

Static lists like packing lists and steps taken, I would most likely give as handouts personally or as a pdf to print, BUT with the ability to track RISE checkmark responses and have actions occur (links, videos, further content, etc) because of the students checkmarks - well, I could dream up all kinds of ways to inspire, amuse, respond, encourage, differentiate instruction, etc - the sky is the limit.... all the while keeping the beautiful simplicity and clean areas that makes RISE so compelling (and not overwhelming)...

So, please, please, please give us the ability to have an action occur because of RISE  learner checkmarks - these are just my 2 minute thoughts on what I do with this ability. I guarantee all the bright minds who I see using Articulate 360 would come up with soooo much more. It would be very exciting.

Robin Wooten

Another way I would like to use a checkbox - as a bookmarking tool. This might work as is but would be great if there was a way students could rapidly go to all checked bookmarks or a list of bookmarks could be generated for them to pick from. This would be very helpful in my use of Rise as an interactive textbook.


Michelle Lamont

I stumbled across this post when I too wanted to learn more about the purpose of the Rise Checkbox List. I like all the ideas on this page, in particular where Robin is coming from.  I would also like to use this feature in compliance type training to capture the learner's understanding and/or agreement to policies and guidelines.

Stephen Cahill

Sure thing, 

I would like the data to be exported in a variety of ways, (or any way, really) that allows the recording of which check boxes were completed and when. I think what would be best for my purposes would be an "email this list" button that could be added to the end of the check-list as an option. but also, something more automated, in the background, could work too. 


Michael Bauer

I use the checkboxes to display, for example, a list of tasks, and before it have text similar to "Click the tickbox as you read and understand each required task."

After my checkboxes I add a Continue button with the hint text similar to "Read and tick each required task above". Once they have ticked all the boxes, the Continue button text would then change to an actionable button of "Click here to learn more about X" and then the info below it will display.

This way, the only way the screen will be marked as complete is by clicking that Continue button ... and this button only becomes active once all the checkboxes have been ticked ... with my text showing that you should only tick the checkboxes if you understand it.

Hope that makes sense!

Daniel Mitchell

I love the idea of the checkboxes. I love giving the learner a self-check list. In my case, I'm building a program that will take months for the learner to complete. The user may not even open the course every day. Within the course is a long list of tasks that they should be learning On-the-Job. Initially, I thought they would be able to check off each task as they completed them, then exit the course. I thought the LMS would keep track of their check marks similar to how Storyline has the "resume saved status" feature.

My problem is that each time they re-open the course, all their checkmarks are unchecked. So, the functionality of using these checkboxes to record minor milestones is useless. I've changed them all back to bullets to avoid setting expectations.

Eduscape Partners

Right now, we are using checkboxes just as they are designed to be used, with directions that say "click box as you complete the task." I fully support the idea of being able to provide feedback, additional information, links, or showing another block. 

I can see the use-cases described for tracking. While I don't foresee that helping in our case, I'm willing to bet that we may find a use for tracking if it were to become available.