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Apr 25, 2022

I am digitizing a client's Onboarding process for new employees. In their Policy-section, they usually require their personnel to write their name as a validation that they have read and understood the policy and that they will follow it. Is there a way to have that funcion in Rise? To somehow block the student from continue unless they write something in some box? How would you go about doing this, do I have to create a Storyline block...?

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I am experimenting with a Storyline block for this... I have set a state change to reveal a layer (saying "You have to write your name in the box") if a user clicks submit without writing anything, by putting in "If TextEntry _ value(blank)", but what do I do if I want them to be able to continue just by writing ANY text, what is the "opposite" of "If TextEntry _ value(blank)"...? 


Great, it was the "is not equal to blank" option I needed, but I still don't get it to work! I want to embed a storyline block in rise and have that block "force" the user to write something in the box (their name in this case), and when they have done that, the divider block below in rise should change from "You must complete the block above to continue" to just "Continue"... I can't get it to work, the tracking settings in the Publish tab are greyed out except for the first "When the learner has viewed"... I don't get it, sorry for my incompetence... See enclosed image and please advice how to continue... 

What should I use as a trigger in Storyline to achive this...? As you see in the enclosed image I have chosen "Resume timeline", but I guess that was wrong...? Thank you for all your help... 

Christopher Santos


You'll need to choose a tracking option in your Storyline file when inserting it as a block in Rise 360.  Once the tracking requirement has been met, the Divider will change from "You must complete the block above to continue" to "Continue."  You can find more details here: Rise 360: How to Require Learners to Complete a Storyline Block.

We'll also be happy to help you find the best tracking option for your Storyline block if you like.  Please send us your Storyline file by creating a case here.  We'll start working on your file as soon as we receive it and update you as soon as possible.