How to Block a slide so that they have to use Text Entry to enter their name before moving to the next!?

Dec 22, 2020


I am not sure if this issue was posted but how can I force the trainee's to enter their names first (I used the Text Entry feature) then go to the next slide?

Not sure how many of you are like me, still work from home while on vacation to try to meet this kind of requests by the clients. :-) 

Thank you and have a great holiday! 


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Phoebe Lu

Hello, further to my question, I saw some posts about Text-Entry Questions - it is more quiz based and it is different from my use. I intentionally use the text entry to ask them to type their name, then use it as a reference so their name will go through all the course wherever it applied. 

So, I need them to type their name first. I realized they can just simply skip typing and go to the next. What kind of trigger/variables could I use to block them first? THank you! 

Phoebe Lu

HI Matt, 

THanks for the clue. But how could I set up the variable and how to set the trigger please? Attached is the auto variable when I used the text entry then use it as a reference all through the course. I can set it as "Blank" under "Default Value", then, how to deal with the trigger? Thank you very much in advance!!! Variable screenshot