Text Entry reference issue (Enter vs. Submit)

Sep 08, 2020

**Got my answer via the reply below. I attached a photo of the trigger wizard in case it helps anyone else with this issue! 

Hey everyone,

I have a text entry field set up as a Freeform Text Entry box. When the user types their answer then clicks submit in the player, it jumps to the next slide. On the next slide I'd like to display the user's typed answer from the previous slide. I inserted a reference for the correct text entry box, and it displays correctly on the second slide after the user clicks the Submit button.

However, if the user instead hits "Enter" on their keyboard to submit the answer, like many people naturally do, the next slide appears but their typed text from the text entry box does not show up. The space where it should show is blank.

To summarize: when the user clicks the Submit button, the reference for the text entry works properly and their typed text displays. When the user hits their "Enter" button on their keyboard, the reference does not seem to work and their text does not display.

It seems like a bug, but if it's not please advise how I can have the correct text entry field displayed even when the user hits their Enter key instead of the Submit button.

I attached the file for reference.

Thank you! 

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Dave Cox

Hi Anna,

To get this to work, you need a trigger to set the variable to the typed value of the Text Entry field looses focus due to a key press, in this case the Enter key. This isn't real obvious, because when you go to set up this trigger, the prompt for "typed value" doesn't appear, making you think that it isn't an option. But if you type it in, it will work correctly.


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