Please Help! Multiple text-entries on slide - posted sample

Jun 19, 2023

I need learners to complete each text-entry field (on the same slide) before continuing onto the next slide - problem is, I'm not sure how to set the variable to ensure each field has text in it before moving onto the next slide. I created a variable that mimics how one would enter text into multiple fields (click inside the text field, enter your text, and hit enter to move to the next text entry field). How this presents itself currently, they only need to click inside the text field (which I guess validates my variable) then press return (without entering text) and they are still able to move onto the next text-entry field and not required to input any text. I am at a loss! Con someone help me figure this out? Thank you!

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Eric Santos

Hi Lori,

Thanks for sharing your project file, and I'm happy to share some insights that you may find helpful! For Text Entry fields on a question slide, pressing the Enter key on the keyboard submits the response for evaluation; it's the same as clicking the Submit button.

I observed that even if you turn off all the Key Press triggers, as shown below, the behavior using the Enter key will still be the same.

turn off the variables

I recommend using a Submit button instead to advance to the Next slide.

Let me know if you have questions, and I'll be more than happy to assist further!