Capturing Separate Actions in Simulation

Oct 19, 2021

Hello folks, I'm working on a software simulation (view and try mode) in Storyline 360 with a very old application. For the most part, things have been going well except that I've come across a spot where I need my recording to be convert 3 separate actions in try mode, but it's lumping the three fields together as one text entry with multiple lines.

I.e. I type "N" then press Enter to move to the next field, I type "T" and press Enter to move to the next field and finally I type "0600" in the last field and press Enter to finalize the actions on this window.

Unfortunately when Storyline converts the recording in try mode, I get one slide with one text field where the correct answer is "N - Enter - T - Enter - 0600 - Enter".  

Is it possible for me to break apart the actions on this slide into 3 separate text entry fields with 3 separate actions and 3 separate text variables?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide!

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Scott Wiley

Without screen recording, we have done many simulations with text entries, and while they can be done all in one interaction's correct/incorrect check, I've always split them into separate interactions.

You could modify the one you have to work on the 1st entry field. Then duplicate it and modify that one to the 2nd. Duplicate and modify as needed to get back into the pre-recorded flow.

I hope I'm explaining this okay, but having an example of your file helps.

P.S. - The duplicate slides should auto-name the text entry, so be sure to rename to something sensical.