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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Terry. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Are you using this in a step-by-step simulation/screen recording? If that's the case, I believe Storyline captures the steps you take. If you hit enter after entering in the text in the field, the user would be prompted to do so. If you have to hit enter in order to move on in the recording, but don't want your user to,  you could stop the recording at that point, then pick up again on the next step (bypassing the "Enter" action). 

If this isn't what you're trying to do, maybe you can give me a little more information


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the additional information. I understand what's happening now. However, with Try mode the entry will need to be submitted either by hitting enter (to move on to the next section of the recording that includes the next field), or by clicking on Submit. 

Now, I do think you can work around this, however. What you could do, on the slide that contains the text entry, is change the submit trigger. You could set it to submit when the user clicks elsewhere on the image. So, if they went to click on the next field, it would advance to the slide with the next field.

It would look something like this:

This should make it a little more seamless for you, I think. This way, the submit action will happen as soon as the user clicks on the next text field. You could do this for each slide that contains a field and the user wouldn't have to hit enter or click on the submit button.

Let me know if this works for you.


Terry Goins

I feel like such a pain..... UGGGGH. Thanks for hanging with me!

Conceptually, your idea rocks... HOWEVER (knew that was coming, didn't you?), the user does not KNOW the next field - they are learning through the simulation.

If I use Test mode, is there anyway to include the Step Text (the bubble that says, Click the XXX field)? Or, is the Test mode no hints at all?

Christine Hendrickson

Hey, no problem Terry! Don't sweat it, I'm happy to help (or at least try to).

Test mode won't tell them where to click. However, in Try mode you can enable the prompts to show "Always". 

The problem with this is that they won't see this until they've completed the previous step, which may make the trigger I mentioned earlier a less helpful option. 

Another option, though, would be to add some captions/shapes or text of your own on the slide that tells the user where to click. Then, you could ignore the prompts all together. To keep this clean and simple, I'd suggest having the text show up in an area that's "clean" and easy to see. For example, if your slide and recording doesn't contain a lot of text at the bottom, you could just keep the text along the bottom and the user will know to look here for further instructions. It would also be easier to just copy and paste the instructions here, rather than moving them around for each field they need to use.

Really just suggestions here - but maybe it'll help with your project.

Let me know what you think.


Peter Anderson