Remove Text Entry trigger / submit button on try mode simulation

Oct 09, 2019

Hi!  I have created a simulation and a few of the slides have a text entry and Storyline 3 automatically creates a submit button.  I want the user to enter their text, and then click on an "OK" button on the software.  Instead it forces them to enter the text entry field and then click submit and then the recording moves to the next slide so they can click ok. 

How do I remove the need to click "submit" so the user can simply enter their text entry and then click OK on the software?


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Maura Bear

If I am understanding you correctly - you can change the Trigger actions to something else - or, you can remove the submit button all together by clicking on the settings button in the lower right hand corner and then unchecking the "SUBMIT" option under "Slide Navigation Controls." I supplied a picture that shows you each of these. Hope that helps!

Becky Beyea

Thanks, Maura.  I can remove the submit button but it doesn't remove the "text entry" variable/trigger. The trigger action is not clickable for editing.  I want the user to type in the number based on the prompt by try me screen recording.  Then I want the try me screen recording to move along to the next slide automatically which then prompts them to click the OK button. 

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