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Tina Garza

I am currently experiencing this same issue. In the middle of working on a Rise course I got the "Your Computer is Offline" error and after the system tried to reconnect it said "Your session has timed out" Clicked the refresh button and immediately looped back to "Your Computer is Offline". Happens in both Chrome and Edge, and tried on different computers: work and personal. Dashboard, Review 360, and Articulate 360 Training pages all work fine.

Lea Agato

Hi folks! Earlier today, we had some technical problems in Rise resulting in a session time out or a page indicating it’s offline. We know you count on being able to use Rise, and we’re sorry for the trouble. We have resolved this at around 10:45pm EST and you should now be able to use Rise without any issues.

The best place to keep up with scheduled maintenance and any other availability info is our Articulate status page, and you can subscribe to get an email anytime we update that page.