Articulate Presenter 360 supports many of PowerPoint's object animations and slide transitions. When used strategically, they make content more engaging and easier to understand.

Adding Animations

You'll use Presenter to sync animations with audio, but you'll use PowerPoint to actually add animations to your course. If you're not familiar with PowerPoint animations, see these Microsoft user guides for help:


Syncing Animations

If you set specific animation timings in PowerPoint, Presenter will honor those timings. However, you may find it easier to simply set your PowerPoint animations to start "on click," then use Presenter's consolidated narration window to synchronize them with your audio.

When you need animations to occur at the same time, set one of them to start "on click," then set the others to start "with previous." Similarly, you can set animations to start "after previous" when you need them to occur in rapid succession.

Adding Slide Transitions

Slide transitions can make a great course even more impressive. Depending on how you use them, transitions can also convey a sense of movement, pace, and direction.

Just add transitions to your slides in PowerPoint, and they'll work perfectly when you publish your course with Presenter.

If you're not familiar with PowerPoint transitions, see these Microsoft user guides for help:


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