Quizmaker 360's freeform shortcut-key question type lets learners answer by pressing a key or combination of keys on their keyboards. You might use shortcut-key questions for software training, learning the alphabet, simple math quizzes, and similar interactions.

Example of a freeform shortcut-key question

  1. Insert a Freeform Shortcut-Key Question
  2. Define the Correct Key or Combination of Keys
  3. Customize the Question Properties

Step 1: Insert a Freeform Shortcut-Key Question

There are two ways to create a shortcut-key question. If you've already added objects to a blank (non-question) slide that you want to use in a shortcut-key scenario, you can convert it to a freeform question. If you'd prefer to start from scratch, do this:

  1. First, do either of the following to open the Insert Question window:
    • Go to the Insert tab on the Quizmaker ribbon and click Freeform Question.
    • In Question List View, go to the Home tab on the ribbon and click Freeform Question.
  2. When the Insert Question window appears, use the search field at the top and the filters along the left edge to locate the type of question you want to add. The slide browser includes built-in templates as well as professionally-designed Content Library templates.
  3. When you click a thumbnail image for a slide, the right side of the window shows a description of that question type. Click Insert Question to add it to your quiz.
  4. A new shortcut-key question will open in Slide View. Design the slide the way you want it to look, and be sure to add instructions so learners know how to respond.
  5. Then, switch to Form View and proceed to the next step to define the shortcut key(s).

Step 2: Define the Correct Key or Combination of Keys

In Form View, place your cursor in the key field, then press the key or combination of keys for the correct response.

Be sure to test shortcut-key questions in your published output. If your key combinations are common shortcuts in web browsers (Alt+D, Ctrl+T, etc.), learners may experience unexpected behavior.

Step 3: Customize the Question Properties

After creating a freeform shortcut-key question, you can customize several of its attributes, including feedback, branching, score, number of attempts, and whether learners are required to answer it or allowed to skip it. To learn how, see Working with the Question Editor.

Can I Convert a Freeform Question into a Non-Question Slide?

Yes. It's easy. Just go to the Insert tab on the Quizmaker ribbon and click Remove Freeform.

When you remove freeform functionality from a question, it becomes a standard content slide. Text and other objects remain intact. Only question-related properties, such as score and feedback, are removed.

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