It's super easy to arrange objects on the Replay 360 visual timeline, which includes two parallel tracks. Here’s how.

Reordering Objects on the Same Track

To change the order of objects on the same track, simply drag them left or right to a new location. You can reorder lower thirds, videos, audio clips, and images.

When two items are back-to-back on the same track, a vertical boundary between them means the transition will be immediate and abrupt. If you push the two clips even closer together, their boundary will change to a diagonal line, which means one item will fade smoothly into the next.

Moving Media Between Tracks

You can move videos, audio clips, and images between the two media tracks. Just drag them up or down to an empty spot on the adjacent track.

Tip: If both tracks include videos and/or images, you can control how they interact with one another. For example, you might choose a picture-in-picture mode. See Mixing Media for details.

Deleting Objects

To delete an object, just select it in the timeline, then click the Delete key on your keyboard.

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