Brain-Training Games, Puzzles, and Exercises in E-Learning #173

Visual Logic Games in E-Learning  #173: Challenge | Recap

Stay sharp and maintain your mental age by playing games that were designed to give your brain a workout!

Brain games and puzzles can be a fun way to exercise our minds. Not only do they help keep us mentally fit, they’re also great way to exercise our e-learning skills!

I like building these types of puzzles because they usually require more advanced course-building skills and concepts. Techniques like conditional triggers and variables are essential to track learner’s choices, give dynamic feedback, and personalize the overall experience.

Whether you’re frequently misplacing your car keys or just want to give your e-learning skills a workout, this week’s challenge is guaranteed to get you thinking! But first, let’s take a look at some recent examples shared in earlier challenges.

Which Switch Will Turn On the Light Bulb Puzzle

Fantastic use of animation and motion paths in this popular puzzle that challenges your attention to detail.

Which Switch Will Turn On the Light Bulb Puzzle

View the light bulb puzzle interaction

Brain Training Games

Fun memory game that uses Storyline’s text and number variables to serve up a personalized brain training challenge. Includes the source file!

Brain Training Games

View and download the brain game

Spot the Differences

Test your powers of observation in this classic puzzle game shared by Sam Lincoln.

Spot the Differences

View the spot the differences game

Optical Illusion Game

This interactive puzzle concept came from one of my kid’s pre-school workbooks. The goal was to help children identify shapes based on incomplete lines and circles. Turns out it also makes fun drag-and-drop interaction.

Optical Illusion Game

View and download the interaction

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an example of a logic game, puzzle, or brain teaser. You can come convert a classic paper-based puzzle or come up with your own ideas.

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you rack your brain over this week’s challenge, check out the (mostly) black and white course designs your fellow challengers shared over the past week:

Black and White Course Designs #172

Black and White Course Designs #172: Challenge | Recap

Wishing you a mind-blowing week, E-Learning Heroes!

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Really appreciate you including me, David! I created the spinning effect by working with the Master Slide for the game board: * When the game begins (base layer) the arrow always points to red. I added10 layers (one for each time the learner will spin) on the Slide Master for the game board. Each layer has the arrow pointing in the ending direction of the most recent spin. * I added spin animation (two rotations) to the arrow on each layer which plays when the timeline starts. * I created a number variable (%Randomize%) and add 2 to it each time the learner clicks the Spin button. * I created another number variable (%questionsanswered%) and add 1 to it whenever a question slide is displayed. * Those two variables then dicate which slide layer is shown when the learner... Expand

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David Anderson
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