In this tutorial, we'll take a look at adding audio and synchronizing it with the animations in your Articulate Presenter presentation. 

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice.

Practice Activity

Here's a set of practice files for you to download.

We'll get started by adding some audio to our presentation and making a few basic edits using the Audio Editor. Then we'll finish up by syncing some animations to that audio. 

Record audio narration

  • With your first slide selected, go to the  Articulate tab. Select Record Narration. Record something simple like this text: "This is my script that I'd like to narrate. Read this."

Import audio

  • Go to the  Articulate tab. Select Import Audio. Import the practice audio files for slides 2-5. 

Edit audio

  • Go to the  Articulate tab. Select Audio Editor. Delete a small segment of your narration on slide 1. 
  • Increase the volume for all of your audio by 20%.

Sync animations

  • On slide 1, sync the animation of the three small pictures located across the bottom so that they appear sequentially about 2 seconds apart.

That’s basically it when it comes to syncing animations to your audio. Now go ahead and practice animating and syncing objects in your presentation. 

In this simple exercise you learned to record, import and edit audio. You also learned how to sync animations to your presentation audio. 

In the next tutorial, we’ll look at adding annotations with Presenter.