In this tutorial we will see how easy it is to edit any of the content in your Articulate Engage interactions including text, images and multimedia. 

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice.

Practice Activity

Here's a folder with some practice files for you to download.

We'll get started by using the common text formatting options then continue on to editing audio and video content. 

  • Edit the Introduction text by applying some formatting options such font, text size, text attributes (bold, italics and underline), text color, alignment, bullets and numbered lists, and hyperlinks.

  • Edit your interaction's pictures by changing the position (Top, Bottom, Left, Right), size and Zoom Image settings in the Media panel.

  • Edit the video on step 5 by changing the position, size and playbar settings in the Media panel. 
  • Open the video editor by clicking the Edit video button. 

  • Crop out part of your video by using the crop tool to change the width and/or height of the video to display.
  • Trim the duration of your video down to 5 seconds. 
  • Insert a logo as a video watermark. 

Now we’re going to record an audio track and then make a few basic edits to delete a portion of the track, increase the volume and add a few seconds of silence. 

  • Use the Record button in the Audio panel to record a few simple sentences. 
  • Click the Edit audio button to open the Audio Editor window and make a few simple edits to your recording. Try deleting a few seconds, adding a few seconds of silence in its place and adjusting the volume by 20%. 

In this simple demo we learned how to edit the text, video and audio content in your Engage interaction. In the next tutorial, we'll learn how to work with the interaction properties.

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