Content Library 360 has 17+ million high-resolution photos, illustrations, icons, and videos that you can access right from PowerPoint. All assets are royalty-free with no attribution required. In this article, you’ll learn how to add Content Library 360 videos to slides in your Presenter 360 courses.

Note: Content Library 360 videos can be added to slides but not to the player sidebar.

  1. Go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon and click Videos in the Content Library 360 group.

  2. Type a search term in the field at the top of the media browser and press Enter. (Tip: The browser remembers your last search term during the current session.)

  3. Zoom in and out by using the zoom slider in the lower left corner or by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scrolling your mouse wheel.
  4. To preview a video before you add it to your course, click the Preview button that appears when your mouse hovers over a video thumbnail.
  5. Select the video you want to use and click Insert to add it your slide.
  6. When the video properties window appears, make your selections, as described below, and click OK.



Show video

Decide whether you want the video to display on the slide or in a separate browser window.

Play video

Choose to play the video automatically or only when learners click it.

Show video controls

Mark this box to add player controls to the video so learners can play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward.

Start video ___ seconds into slide

Decide when you want the video to play. By default, it'll play as soon as learners reach the slide. If you'd prefer to wait a certain number of seconds before playing the video, enter a number in the field provided.

Do not compress video at publish

Mark this box if you don’t want the video to be compressed in your published course. Video quality may be higher, but the published output will also be larger.

Uncheck the box to compress the video in your published course. It’ll be optimized for web playback, resulting in smaller file sizes. This is especially helpful for learners with slow internet connections.

This property is available for MP4 videos created with baseline, main, or high profiles. If it’s grayed out, it means the video is another file type or profile, in which case the video will be compressed in your published course.

Alternate text

Enter a brief description of the video. Screen readers will read the description to your learners.

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