You have options when it comes to previewing your Rise 360 training. You can quickly view your content as you develop it and, for external shareholders, you can share a link so that they can preview your content as well.

Preview Content in Rise 360

Preview Rise 360 content at any time to see how it looks. It’s simple, responsive, interactive, and contextual.


Click Preview in the upper right corner of the editor to switch to preview mode.

When you’re done, click Edit to exit preview mode and return to the editor.


Click the device icons in the upper right corner to see how your course looks on computers, tablets, and smartphones. It’s fully responsive and adapts to each screen size and orientation beautifully without any extra work.


Click through features, such as labeled graphic markers and accordion interactions, in the same way learners will experience them.


For courses, if you’re on the course outline when you preview, you’ll see the entire course. If you’re editing a lesson when you preview, you’ll only see that lesson.

For microlearning, you'll see the entire training. 

Share a Preview Link

Sharing a Rise 360 preview link is easy. It’s there when you want to quickly share your in-progress draft or get input from someone that you’re not collaborating with in Review 360.

  1. Open the content from your Rise 360 dashboard.
  2. Click Share in the upper right corner of the screen, click the arrow to expand the Preview section, and copy the shareable link. (If you're the owner, you have the option to protect your course with a password.)
  3. Send the link to your shareholders. And if you set a password for it, be sure to give them the password too.

Previewing content via a shareable link is not a hosting solution. Shared deliverables don't track learners’ progress and activity data isn't tracked like it is in Reach 360. When they leave and come back, they have to start all over. The Preview link is meant for previewing your in-progress work.

Check out Share Content with Learners, to read more about our recommended methods for exporting your content for the best learner experience.

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