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Employees often come to an organization with a wide range of technical experience. But one thing is certain—software training empowers employees to perform more efficiently and confidently. 

For intuitive software, a simple screencast can orient your employees to an app’s layout and features. Other times, you might need to give learners a more hands-on learning experience with a simulation that creates a risk-free practice environment.  

In either case, if you need some inspiration for creating software training, check out our favorite community examples. From screencasts to simulations, you’ll find creative solutions to spark your next project! 

Rise 360: Project Management Software Training Screenshot of a Rise 360 course. Lesson includes a labeled graphic highlighting different features of an online app interface

Use labeled graphics, multimedia, and interactive blocks to give learners both an introduction and inspiration for how to use new software like Madison McCartney does in this Rise 360 course

Storyline: E-Learning Heroes 101Screenshot of an E-Learning Heroes community member profile with a hint instructing the user to click on Edit Profile

Guide learners through the step-by-step process to create an E-Learning Heroes community profile with this helpful simulation from Allison LaMotte.

Storyline: Audio Editing Simulation Screenshot of an audio editing software simulation

Get learners comfortable using audio editing tools before even downloading any software, thanks to this simulation by Josh Petermann that includes both a view and try mode. 

Storyline: Learn Triggers Software SimulationScreenshot of a Storyline software simulation

Safely introduce new software to learners and let them practice risk-free, like in this handy simulation by Richard Watson.

Storyline: Review 360 Software SimulationScreenshot of a Review 360 software simulation

Replicate the experience of using new software by taking inspiration from this helpful Review 360 software simulation created by the Community Team

Storyline: Video Editing Controls SimulationScreenshot of a video editing software simulation

Give learners a realistic opportunity to practice interacting with video editing software just as Dan Sweigert does in this guided simulation


Hopefully, these examples spark ideas for how you’ll empower learners with your next software training. Our generous community members share their projects in weekly challenges, downloads, and examples, so check back regularly for new inspiration. What type of software training do you plan on tackling next? Let us know in the comments!  

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