Teams change, but the need to know how to handle your team’s content doesn’t. Read on to find out how ownership determines access to online content. Then, learn how to transfer content when access changes due to team departures or subscription modifications. 

Content Ownership

The online content you create with Articulate 360 apps is owned by the subscription. It is also linked to your Articulate ID and considered your personal content. This personal content includes:

  • Rise 360 courses, microlearning, and question banks in the private directory
  • Unshared Rise 360 block templates 
  • Review 360 items and folders in the private directory

If you share personal content with other authors or create content in team folders, it becomes shared content. That means it cannot be moved off of the subscription until it's made personal again. Shared content includes:

Transfer Scenarios

Since the subscription owns shared content, changes in team membership and subscriptions may affect access to the content created. Here are a few scenarios where content is transferred or unlinked due to changes in subscription.

Users Leave the Team

When removing a user from the subscription after someone has left, an admin must transfer the user's shared content to someone else on the team. The admin must also choose whether to include the user's personal content in the transfer or let the departing user keep it. If the admin wants to transfer the content to a new user and there's no open seat, they can temporarily add the new user as admin. Review this user guide to learn more.

Users Move to Another Subscription

A user can take personal content with them when they move to another subscription because that content is linked to their Articulate ID. They can turn any shared content they own into personal content by unsharing or transferring it to their private directory before they leave the current subscription. To allow a departing team member to maintain access to their personal content, choose not to include their personal content when prompted during the removal process. They'll regain access to their personal content when they join the new team. Let us know if we can help through this process.

Subscriptions Merge

Having one subscription for everyone on your team lets you fully utilize Articulate 360's collaborative features. Contact us at if you want to combine subscriptions. We'll set everything up and ensure your team's content (private and shared) remains intact. Read this article to learn what happens when merging subscriptions and how to complete the process.

Subscriptions Reduce Seats

If needed, you can request a seat reduction for your subscription. However, you may risk losing content if you wait for the system to remove the seatholders automatically upon renewal. To maintain access to private and shared content, make sure to free up the number of seats being reduced before the renewal date. Learn more about reducing seats in a subscription in this article. (For Articulate 360 trials, read this article when buying fewer seats than the number of users in your trial.)

Subscriptions Expire or are Cancelled

When you cancel your subscription or let it expire, your personal content stays with your Articulate ID, but shared content remains with the original subscription. We'll keep your content on our servers for up to six months after your paid subscription expires or your free trial ends. Read this article to know what to do before canceling your subscription.

If you decide to resubscribe within six months, contact us at We'll set you up with a new subscription and transfer shared content from the previous one. Learn more about the steps to replace a lapsed subscription.