Happy Friday, E-Learning Heroes!

Last week you visually explained what you do as course designers. This week, it’s time to show what you’ve done as course designers.

How do you show your work? In a portfolio, of course. But this time, use your same tools for building learning projects and let your creativity run free. Seriously! It’s your time to showcase your skills with the tools you use every day.

I get it. Most course designers don’t like to think about portfolios. Saying “look at what I did” probably isn’t in your DNA. But portfolios are a lot like flossing teeth. You never really know how important it is until it’s too late.

Last month I posted a forum thread asking users to share their e-learning portfolios. Some folks had their portfolios ready, others had to scramble. This week, Jackie Van Nice shared some creative resume ideas and asked the community if anyone had built their portfolios or resumes using Storyline. Some lively discussions followed around topics like: when to use interactive resumes, what will recruiters think, and what types of jobs are best suited for non-standard resumes.

An interactive portfolio should move beyond the paper resume. It’s your opportunity to create excitement and lengthen the time recruiters view your e-learning portfolio.

Challenge of the week

This week, your challenge is to design an interactive resume or portfolio showcasing your e-learning work. You can show all your work or highlight only a couple of your favorite projects.

Your interactive resume can be courses, excerpts from courses, screenshots, word docs, screencasts, or anything else you want to feature.

As always, you can share your examples in the comments below as well as on your own blog. Need someone to help upload your files? I’m happy to host your files for you on Articulate’s servers.

Bonus: Take the challenge up a notch by sharing a template version of your interactive resume that others can use. I’ll create a new blog post to highlight the templates and promote everyone who shares.


You can use Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, or PowerPoint to build your interactive resume.


To help you get started, check out some of the websites your fellow community members built using Articulate software.

Last week’s challenge

Before you run off and show us what you’ve done, check out these visual explanations of what people do in e-learning:

More about the e-learning  challenges:

The weekly challenges are ongoing opportunities to learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolios. You can jump into any or all of the previous challenges anytime you want. We’ll feature your work and provide feedback if you request it.

Wishing you a showcase week, E-Learning Heroes!

Even if you’re using a trial version of Studio ’13 or Storyline, you can absolutely publish your challenge files. Just sign up for a fully functional, free 30-day trial, and have at it. And remember to post your questions and comments in the forums; we're here to help. For more e-learning tips, examples, and downloads, follow us on Twitter.

Jackie Van Nice

@Allison: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. :) Now to yours: A really beautiful job. Clean style, great animations, and a wonderful look and feel that (to me) seems representative of your work - which is what we're all after, I think. I especially appreciated the simplicity and clarity of your content. To me it was the perfect balance of depth and brevity; enough to express your skills, services, and individuality, but not too much to be text overload. Nice samples, and I really liked your Connect page, too. I hope you'll get to use this! (And thank you so much for offering the template!) @Nancy: Mine was a lot more work than I anticipated, too - but it's easy to see why yours took time - you've got a lot going on! Just like Allison, it seems like a great expression of your style. Very... Expand

Jerson  Campos

@ Diane, Really like the main menu page. Have you thought about making the background and player white like the rest of the page? It might make the laptop design pop out more. @Jackie, Love the retro poster design. The colors are great and the music really fits with the theme. Do you plan on filling out some of the rest, like your examples and stuff? @ Laura, Like the food theme. What I really liked was the change you made to the next and previous buttons. Small details like that is what people will remember. @Allison, glad to be an inspiration. I like the design of yours as well. Can I suggest something. On the technical skills and experience, the years and levels at the bottom of the technical skills slide is hard to notice. Maybe laying out some lines to each of the years... Expand

Jackie Van Nice
Jeff Kortenbosch

I've just got a real quick concept I wanted to share. I've just started a 10 week masterclass on educational science which has me studying 12 hrs per week so I did not have time to build out the full thing. In this concept I used Articulate Replay to record myself and used Storyline to add interactive element on top of the video layer. Now in the demo the links to my experience, education and work aren't doing anything but I imagine more short clips and interactive elements. For example the portfolio page could have some polaroids flying in which can open a lightbox window with a more detailed view. The Experience screen could have various company logos pop up and dragging them into a drop-area would reveal the details of that job. Lot's of possibilities! http://www.seriouslear... Expand

Nicholas Sargent

Good afternoon! Here's mine: http://googledrive.com/host/0B0tTOgClsV20V1FwVW1tOGQtSFk/ I used Articulate Replay to condense "1-minute" samples of modules that would normally be longer. -Commentary on the samples is in the form of: lower thirds, or text boxes on the lightboxed slide, or audio narration added into the Replay video. -My immediate goal is to bring this into an interview on a tablet (I would drive), so I'd know to click the graphics or the text links at the bottom. -Also, I'm new to Storyline, so my other goal is to showcase different softwares I've used, examples of: Window MovieMaker, PPT "movie," Captivate, and Storyline. (Can you guess which is which?) I've enjoyed seeing everybody's contributions. There are so many creative people out there. Have a great da... Expand

Dan Graham
Patrick  Gurczynski
Dianne  Hope
Dan Graham

Nancy and Jerson. Thanks so much! Don't know why I haven't thought of using storyline to put a portfolio together before. Makes soooo much sense! Patrick....Thanks for the free press! Seems like we've got a bit of an iDrive class reunion going on with this post. :) I really enjoyed working on that project too! I hope everything turned out well with the final versions. OH, and the iron man theme......that was awesome!!!!! I'm gonna have to try my hand at something like that. Dianne... Getting 'rid of the player' in storyline was actually quite simple. I just changed the page background to black, got rid of all of the player features (volume, next, previous, all that jazz), and then changed the colors of the player base background and border to 100% transparent. Allison.... Expand

Jackie Van Nice
Dana Kocalis

Miranda, That was one of my biggest struggles in creating my e-portfolio, plus the nervousness of not knowing if mine was going to be "good" enough to present....and I hate to admit that I procrastinated for about 2 years. At some point, I downloaded the 30 day trial and just went for it...you could say that I gave myself my own forced deadline...30 days :) which definitely helped me to get it all together. I started with a brainstorming session that developed into an outline of subjects that I thought would be easy, fun, and interactive. I created 2 "more serious" samples and a few fun subject samples and little by little, I completed the entire portfolio on my 29th day. I think I also started with an idea of the template that I wanted to use for my entire layout, then worked on the... Expand