Everything You Need to Know About Articulate 360 Teams

Whether you’re mulling over an Articulate 360 subscription or have already subscribed, you may have wondered: What is Articulate 360 Teams? How is it different from Articulate 360?

Let’s take a closer look at Articulate 360 Teams so you can see what all the buzz is about.

What Is Articulate 360 Teams?

In a nutshell, a subscription to Articulate 360 Teams takes everything you love about an individual Articulate 360 subscription and optimizes it for a team environment. That’s because it gives your team access to all the apps and resources in Articulate 360, plus an easy way to manage subscriptions for multiple users. With Articulate 360 Teams, everyone gets everything they need to create e-learning—minus the account management headaches.

To be more specific, Articulate 360 Teams gives you and your team:

  • Simple User Management: Depending on your environment, people on training project teams may come and go … and come and go. With Articulate 360 Teams, your administrator (a central point of contact for your team—often a manager) can assign and reassign user “seats” as needed. That means no more scrambling for course-authoring tool licenses when team members change.
  • Consolidated Billing: Remember when upgrading everyone’s software involved each person individually requesting an upgrade? And for each of those upgrades, your manager had to find money in the budget, and rarely was anyone on the same version of the software at the same time? Now, with Articulate 360 Teams, there’s no more getting approvals for upgrades, because everyone is always using the same version of the software. And with consolidated billing, everyone’s subscription renews at the same time, providing you and your team with easy, predictable budgeting that saves time and hassles.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Soon, Articulate 360 Teams subscribers will have the ability to collaborate on Rise courses with other team members at the same time. True collaborative course authoring is a huge win for organizations and developers alike. That’s because course developers can work more efficiently—giving them the power to respond quickly to training needs. And because Rise courses are fully responsive, the courses they create look beautiful and work great on every device.
  • Priority Support: Uh-oh! You’ve just run into an out-of-left-field problem. Your project’s progress is at a standstill and you’ve got a looming deadline. What’s next? Well, with Articulate 360 Teams, you get priority support, meaning your case will always be tops on our list.
  • Alignment: When everyone on your team has access to the same tools in Articulate 360, just imagine how much easier life will be! No more wondering which version of the software so-and-so has installed before you send them that project file. No more sweating which version of the software has a certain feature and which doesn’t. With Articulate 360 Teams, new features roll out in real time across all instances of the software. This means you and your team are always working from the same version.

Who’s It For?

Whether your organization is small or large, when you have a group of people creating e-learning, need flexibility and centralized administration of your subscriptions and billing, Articulate 360 Teams is a great option. To paint a clearer picture, here are a few examples of some of the many Articulate 360 Teams customers we’ve worked with:

  • Consulting Firms: In a consulting environment, work teams adapt to the changing needs of clients and projects. With Articulate 360 Teams, those work teams have the flexibility they need to assign and reassign seats without skipping a beat.
  • Universities: Academic institutions love Articulate 360 Teams. In addition to the powerful and flexible authoring capabilities, universities find that consolidated billing makes it a whole lot easier to get budget approval from administrators.
  • Global Organizations: Organizations looking to equip their e-learning teams across the globe with the easiest-to-use suite of e-learning development tools have told us they turn to Articulate 360 Teams because it gives them the centralized subscription management they’re looking for to control costs and streamline productivity.

So how do you know if you’re a good fit for an Articulate 360 Teams subscription? Here are three easy questions to ask yourself:

  1. Am I going to own the subscription or is my company? If your subscription is something you’ll own and take with you when you leave your current role, an individual Articulate 360 subscription may be all you need. If not, continue to question 2.
  2. Does my training team have people who come and go for various projects, e.g., outside consultants, individual content contributors, or contract e-learning developers? If that sounds like your org, keep on going to question 3. If not, head to question 3 anyway, because we’ve got one more question we think you should consider...
  3. Should everyone on my team use the same version of software? If you’ve answered yes to this one, that’s great! Articulate 360 Teams makes the process of keeping everyone updated with the same version of software even easier. And if you’ve answered no, you may want to jot down a quick list of the potential software versioning headaches you could avoid with an Articulate 360 Teams subscription and keep those in mind as you weigh your options.

Bottom line: when it comes to choosing the right course development tools for your needs, we know you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. And if one of those decisions involves making life easier for your entire e-learning team, an Articulate 360 Teams subscription could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

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Gabe Anderson