Give This Government Ethics Training Course a Makeover #281

Ethics Training Makeovers #281: Challenge | Recap

As e-learning developers, you’ve likely had to create one or more compliance courses. Compliance courses cover topics such as workplace violence, ethics training, bribery prevention, and data security. Companies require this type of training for employees to ensure they know how to do their jobs correctly and avoid breaking state and federal laws.

Almost everything you’ve heard about compliance training is true: bulleted lists, locked navigation, obvious quiz questions, and old-school clip art. But that doesn’t mean compliance training has to be that way. And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about!

Ethics Training Makeovers

When I first got started in e-learning, I would look for training content from .gov and .edu websites to use to practice building courses. Having real-world content freed me up to focus on practicing my visual, technical, and interactive skills. 

For this week’s challenge, we’ll use this ethics training course as our starting point.

Ethics Training for Special Government Employees

View the ethics course on HHS

Challenge of the Week

This week your challenge is to build an e-learning game, presentation, or interaction using the ethics training course and content from HHS. You don’t have to rebuild the entire course. Just include enough slides to show us where you’re going with your makeover.

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Ricardo Leite
Ricardo Leite
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill
Preethi Ravisankar
Jodi M. Sansone

HHS Facelift Demo Demo: When I get a project to face-lift an existing course I usually start with an elements board (e.g., colors, logo requirements, fonts, icons treatment) and then I do a quick demo to see how far the client wants to go with the facelift. I've never done work for the government but I am guessing they would prefer a more conservative approach. So I tried to create a nice, clean look and showed some different ways to serve up their existing content. I usually share something like this and ask for "love it" and "hate it" feedback before spending a ton of time on it. I used Pantone Color of the Year 2020 again and some content treatments from the Articulate 360 library. I added one element--the HHS logo--which I had never seen before. It's ... Expand

Nick Russell
Nick Russell
Kimberly Osunero
Paul Rodger
Elizabeth Self

Hi all, I was so interested to see everyone's takes on this challenge! Since all the content was ready-made, I decided this was a good challenge for me to try for my very first ever Storyline 360 project. I am brand new to instructional design, but recently completed a course through Linked In Learning on Storyline. I thought I would try jumping into it headfirst before I forgot everything. So without further ado, my very first attempt at at an e-learning training! I know it's very amateur, but as a complete beginner, would definitely appreciate any and all feedback. My thought on the project was to make the training more interactive, colorful, and engaging, and test out the trigger func... Expand

Paul Rodger
Stephanie Finn
Trey McNabb
Sandra Caballer
David Anderson
Sandra Caballer