While new Articulate 360 Teams accounts gain immediate access to Reach 360—Articulate’s frictionless LMS—existing subscriptions need to activate Reach 360 to start using it. Activation only takes a few clicks. Learn how below.

Activating as an Articulate 360 Admin

As an admin, you have multiple options for activating Reach 360. The Articulate 360 admin who activates is automatically added as a Reach 360 admin

Account Management Console

Your Articulate 360 Teams dashboard offers the most direct way to activate Reach 360. Select the Manage Subscription tab and click the Activate Reach 360 button. You'll be prompted to add Reach 360 admins. Click Manage Admins to get started. Click Go to Reach 360 to launch Reach 360.


You'll receive an email if a seatholder requests admin activation to distribute a course via Reach 360. Click the Activate to Distribute for Free button. This takes you directly to your Articulate 360 Teams dashboard Manage Subscription tab. Follow the steps in the above section to complete activation.  

Rise 360

If you're an Articulate 360 admin with a seat, open any Rise 360 training, then, select the Share or Publish menu, and click the Activate Reach 360 button. Click Learn More for additional information. Once you click the button, Reach 360 becomes available as a share and publish option for all team members.

Note: When you activate Reach 360, your account subdomain is based on your company’s organization name. For example, if Glivy is listed as your organization name, your Reach 360 subdomain will be glivy.reach360.com. Account owners can manually change your Reach 360 URL.

Requesting Activation as an Articulate 360 Seatholder

If you're a seatholder, you can request Reach 360 activation right from Rise 360. You’ll see Ask admin to activate buttons under the Share and Publish menus. Click the button, select an admin to notify, and click Send Request. The admin will receive an email to help them complete activation. 

Upgrading to Reach 360 Pro

All Articulate 360 Teams subscriptions have access to Reach 360 Starter, which accommodates up to 300 active learners per annual term. If your team has more than 300 active learners, you'll need to upgrade to Reach 360 Pro. Admins can start this process by clicking the Upgrade to Reach 360 Pro button. Upgrading to Reach 360 Pro resets your active learner count. 

Downgrading or Deactivating Reach 360

To deactivate Reach 360, go to the Manage Subscriptions tab on your Articulate 360 dashboard. Expand Manage Settings, click Deactivate Reach 360, then confirm in the pop-up. This removes access to Reach 360 for all learners. Your training library, learner records, and report data will be retained for up to 6 months. 

Please note that once Reach 360 is deactivated, activate buttons will be re-enabled in Rise 360 and on the dashboard.  

Account owners, if you've upgraded to Reach 360 Pro, the option under Manage Settings is Downgrade/Deactivate. Once you confirm your selection in the pop-up, we'll reach out to work with you on next steps. If you deactivate Reach 360, the aforementioned data retention policy applies. Downgrades apply once the current term is complete. 

Don't see the downgrade or deactivate option? Submit a case or chat and we'll be happy to help! International customers, please reach out to your managing partner.