Your profile, by default, displays your initials. Clicking the icon gives you access to profile settings. Here, you can upload a picture, change your name, and update your email address.

Note: If your role is something other than learner, your Reach 360 profile is read-only. Make changes to your profile in the Articulate 360 account management console. Learners who create an account with Google Authentication can't modify their e-mail address.

We take security seriously at Articulate. That’s why we send an email to your new address to verify changes before updating your profile. To reset your email or password, we send a link to your verified email address with the steps you’ll need to complete.  

Tip: Passwords must contain at least 8 characters, including a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, and a number. Your name can't be part of your password.

Trying to delete your learner account? Please reach out to your training manager to be removed from training. You can request that we delete your personal information by submitting a case here.

Update Your Profile Photo

Learners, replace the default profile icon with your own picture by clicking Upload Photo and selecting an image you’d like to use. Use the zoom slider and move the picture until your image fits in the profile photo outline. Click Save to update your profile.

If your image looks blurry, it might be too small. Try picking a photo with a higher resolution or zooming out.

Note: If your role is something other than learner, you'll change your profile picture in the Articulate 360 account management console.

Manage Integrations

The integrations section is where you connect Reach 360 with tools you use every day.

If your organization has the Reach 360 app installed in their Slack or Microsoft Teams workspace, click the appropriate Add to button to connect your Reach 360 profile. Once connected, you'll receive in-app training notifications and more.