Storytelling with Animated Text, Images, Sound, and Video in E-Learning #158

Video Presentations and Storytelling #158: Challenge | Recap

One of the things I enjoy most about the weekly challenges is seeing the different ways course designers present content.

Looking through the thousands of examples users have shared over the past four years, I noticed that most of the public examples don't look like the typical examples I see behind the scenes when users share their source files with us.

And that makes sense because the challenges and Guru contests are an opportunity for course designers to build something different than what they build in their day jobs.

But that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the typical e-learning courses where text, bullets, and graphics are synced with audio narration. The trick is finding new variations on that familiar model. And that's what this week's challenge is all about!

Syncing Video with Animated Bullets, Text, and Graphics

Here are some good examples of animated text and video synced with audio narration. Because the videos don’t include audio, they work as animated pictures that reinforce what the learner is hearing in the audio narration.

Syncing Video with Animated Bullets

Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 | Dan Sweigert

Syncing Text, Graphics, and Images with Audio Narration

Here’s an example slide from a series of courses I worked on 10+ years ago. I rebuilt the slide in Storyline 360 to ensure non-Flash users could view the example.

The example features animated text, graphics, and photos synced with the audio narration. The on-screen text is minimal and relies on supporting visuals to complement the audio narration.

Syncing Text, Graphics, and Images

Click image to view the example | David Anderson

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an example of syncing text, graphics, audio narration, and video in e-learning.

You can share any combination of animated elements with audio narration.

NOTE: Your entry can be anything from a rough concept to a polished example. The challenges are open to everyone, regardless of experience or skill level. If you need technical or creative help with your project, please ask in our forums and reference the challenge number you’re working on.



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Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you synchronize with this week’s challenge, check out the amazing video quiz examples your fellow community members shared over the past week:

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Wishing you an animated week, E-Learning Heroes!

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