Using Graphic Dividers to Add Visual Interest to E-Learning Courses #436

Graphic Dividers in E-Learning #436: Challenge | Recap

Looking for a quick and dirty way to add visual interest to your Rise 360 courses? Try adding a full-width image block as a custom graphics border between blocks. Check out the following example to see how it works. 

Custom Graphics Dividers in Rise 360

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How does the effect work?

This is an elegant effect using simple graphic elements, and the solution is quite simple once you break it down. The key is creating image dividers and inserting them as full-width image blocks between content blocks.

How to build custom image dividers

How to Create Custom Dividers in Rise 360

Ginger has a great overview of how to create dividers in PowerPoint for Rise 360. There’s also a PowerPoint template you can use to help you get started.

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🏆 Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to show ways to add visual interest to e-learning courses w/ custom graphic dividers.

⚠️ NOTE: If you have an Articulate 360 subscription, we’d like to see what you can do with custom dividers in Rise 360. But as always, you’re welcome to use any authoring tool you like for this week’s challenge.


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