New Feature Challenge: Microlearning in Rise 360 #407

Microlearning in Rise 360 #407: Challenge | Recap

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to create a project using Rise 360’s new microlearning feature.

What is microlearning and why is it important?

As a learning strategy, microlearning focuses on chunking content into small, easy-to-consume bits. For example, a typical course consists of multiple modules with a seat time of 30-60 minutes or longer. On the other hand, a microlearning course would include only a single chapter or topic and have a seat time of five minutes or less. Presenting lessons in smaller, more manageable chunks of information helps learners better understand and retain the material.

With Rise 360, you can now create microlearning courses that scroll continuously or step through content at points you define. This is ideal for course designers looking for efficient ways to deliver bite-sized content focused on a single learning objective. Check out the following examples to see how it works.

Human Resources

Here's a microlearning course designed to help employees make the best benefit choices during open enrollment.

Human Resources

View the microlearning example

Team Management

Here’s how microlearning can help managers craft an effective performance improvement plan.

Team Management

View the example


Here are some user guides and resources to help you get started. If you get stuck or have questions, jump into the forums and let us know.

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Last Week’s Challenge:

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