Using Text Variables to Compare Learner Answer to an Expert’s Recommendation

Using Variables to Compare Answers in E-Learning #292: Challenge | Recap

One way course designers can move past the simple multiple-choice type question is with text entry fields that let learners type in their responses and compare their answers to an expert’s recommendation.

This isn’t a graded activity.

It’s just a simple way for learners to compare and contrast their response with the recommended course of action. Using Storyline 360’s text entry fields and variable reference, this is a great way to expand your e-learning toolkit. 

Using Text Entry Fields and Variable References

Here’s a quick overview of one way to approach this week’s challenge. In this case, I’m showing the expert’s feedback side-by-side with the learner’s response. Another option would be to use tabs to let the learner toggle between multiple experts or recommendations.

View the example  | Download

Interactive Writing Practice

Here's a hands-on exercise that lets learners practice rewriting statements and comparing their responses to an expert's recommended working.

Interactive Writing Practice View the example | Download

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to create an interaction that presents learners with a challenge and asks them to respond by typing how they would handle or respond to the challenge. Then, include a way for learners to compare and contrast their response to an expert’s recommendation. You can make the compare-and-contrast part interactive or place both responses side by side.

We’re using variables this week. If you’re new to variables or course authoring, please ask for help in our forums.

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Last Week’s Challenge:

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