Engage : Where does the saved files goes ?

Dec 13, 2023


I am working on an project in Studio 360 and have multiple embedded Engage and Quizmaker files.  I am working off of my C: drive and have kept all of the files in the same folder.  At certain times all of the embedded files seem to lose their links to the Engage and Quizmaker files.  If I go into the file by clicking on the "Edit Engage/Quizmaker" button in powerpoint, the file will open and I can make my changes.  I then hit "Save and Return to Presenter" and once the file closes I can see in powerpoint that it was updated; however, it saves that file in a place (which I cannot find) and does not update the Engage or Quizmaker file that is sitting in the folder where I have the project saved.  If I delete the Engage or Quizmaker file from powerpoint and re-link import the existing file from the project folder I can make a change and it will save to the copy in the project folder; however, I have to delete and re-import the files every time I want to make a change. 

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Jose Tansengco

Hello poste capsule,

Happy to help!

When you add an Engage 360 interaction to a Presenter 360 presentation, this gets added and saved to a file called the PPTA File. You can read more about the purpose of this file here: 

This means that after you add an Engage 360 interaction to a project, it becomes a separate object from the original file that is saved on your computer. This is the reason why the files that are saved on your computer do not get updated when you edit the quizzes and interactions that have been added to your Presenter 360 course. 

Hope this clarifies the behavior!

poste capsule

Yes, I understood that, but, for this example I have to give the projet to another person, or sometimes I changed computer because I'm working remotely and then at the office, and is this precise moment, if you don't know it's a big mess ! And it has been a big mess for long time. Where can I get the last Engage Interaction to copie them and past in the file I have to give to my client ? Or even why there is no other solution for working in 2 different computer ? I usually bring my SSD with me.
For example, it's even not possible to save when you open the interaction engage in a PPTA file to save this interaction in your document. For the moment I use the "send" button to email me the interaction.
It really has been very difficult for that, when you don't know at the beginning where all the files go. 
Please, I would be very helpful to work a solution. That are files are not hidden somewhere in our C: folder.